TommyInnit Net Worth 2023: Career, Income, GF, Asset & More

TommyInnit Net Worth, Income, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, Assets, House, Car Collection, and much more details, you get in this post. Thomas Simons who is popularly known as TommyInnit is an Online Content Creator, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber has an estimated Net Worth of $16 Million.

TommyInnit came to the limelight in 2019 with his Minecraft videos and streams. He has around 42 Million Subscribers on YouTube from his different YouTube Channels and around 17 Million Subscribers on Twitch. His popularity is increasing day by day due to his energetic and humorous style of content.

TommyInnit is one of the most followed personalities in the gaming industry. He also collaborates with different brands and his fellow YouTubers and Streamers including Dream, Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, and many others. In addition to this, he created his own Music and songs in collaboration with Spotify.

TommyInnit Net Worth 2023

TommyInnit Net Worth

TommyInnit Net Worth$16 Million
Full NameThomas Simons
Famous NameTommyInnit
Profession● YouTuber
● Twitch Streamer
Birth Date April 9, 2004
Birth PlaceNottinghamshire, England
Birth SignAries
Age19 Years Old
FatherMr. Simons
MotherSarah Simons
Marital StatusUnmarried
SiblingsJames Simons
Height  In Feet and Inches – 5’ 7’’ 
In Centimetres – 170 cm
WeightIn Kilograms – 70 kg 
In Pounds – 154 lbs
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Awards● Shorty Award for Best Twitch Streamer (2020)
● “Gamer of the Year” Award (Nominated  in 2020)

What is TommyInnit Net Worth and Income?

● TommyInnit is an Online Content Creator, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber has an estimated Net Worth of $16 Million.

● TommyInnit’s monthly income is approx $650,000 and his yearly income is around $7 Million.

Key Sources Contributing to TommyInnit’s Net Worth

TommyInnit’s major sources of income are from :

● YouTube (40-50%)

● Twitch (20-30%)

● Merchandise (10-15%)

● Sponsorships and Brand Deals (5%)

● Donations and Fan Support (5%)

TommyInnit Net Worth Growth

TommyInnit Net Worth 2023$16 Million
TommyInnit Net Worth 2022$9 Million
TommyInnit Net Worth 2021$5 Million
TommyInnit Net Worth 2020$3 Million
TommyInnit Net Worth 2019$900,000

TommyInnit Early Life

TommyInnit was born in Nottinghamshire, a non-metropolitan country situated in England on April 9, 2004. His Father is a successful businessman and his mother Sarah Simons is a YouTuber. She has a popular YouTube Channel.

TommyInnit was always into Video Gaming right from his childhood. He used to watch a lot of Youtube Gaming Channels as well.

TommyInnit Personal Life

When Tommy was just 12 years old, he started a Youtube Channel named ‘Channel Nut Pig,’ where he started uploading his gaming videos.

However when his school friends discovered his channel, they bullied him for that. Tommy was upset about this and when he was 13 years old, he stopped uploading videos onto his channel.

He wasn’t feeling good about the bullying so he privated all the videos and renamed the channel to ‘Tom’ but basically he stopped uploading videos.

TommyInnit Career

At the age of 13, he started streaming on his Twitch Account. He started with a humble number of 20 to 30 followers on his Twitch for almost a year. He was slowly gaining followers.

When Tommy was 15 years old, he thought of starting a new Youtube Channel. He didn’t want to give up his dreams of owning a Youtube Channel but he didn’t want to tell anyone at school. So Tommy didn’t tell his school friends and started a channel in late 2018.

Tommy uploaded his first youtube video on September 9th, 2018, and his new channel called ‘TommyInnit’ was a Minecraft gameplay video channel. Even though he started a channel, Tommy was not that consistent in uploading. He uploaded once a week or two Weeks.

However, on his Twitch account, he was streaming like every day and only some of his interesting streaming clips made their way onto Youtube. Tommy used to play on many servers inside Minecraft. Thus he started playing in one of the famous servers ‘The Hypixel,’ playing in such a popular server helped him gain more followers on Twitch as well as on Youtube.

In addition to this, he started uploading more content onto his youtube channel. He even got a youtube rank on ‘The Hypixel,’ which shows his skill in the game.

In early 2019, Minecraft released its mini-game ‘Skywars,’ which was a huge hit. Tommy went all out in playing  ‘Skywars.’ This hugely increased his Twitch followings. He gained 3,000 subscribers by April 2019.

In the next few months, Tommy actually started being regular on Youtube. He started uploading every two days. As he became regular, his followers started increasing faster. By August 2019, he had 5,000 Subscribers. Then he started playing another minigame in Minecraft ‘The Skyblock.’

Skyblock was trending in those times and so his videos were getting watched by many new viewers. To grow his channel, Tommy joined ‘SootMC,’ a private Minecraft server run by the famous YouTuber Wilbur. This was a big boost for his channel. With the server gameplay along with the sky blocks uploads, his subscribers jumped from 5,000 to 50,000 in a time span of 2 months which made him one of the fastest-growing YouTubers of 2019.

His video started getting around 300,000 to 500,000 views consistently. He also made friends with the famous gamers and YouTubers ‘Technoblade,’ which helped his channel grow better and faster. 

While nobody at school knew that Tommy has a new channel. However as he started growing in Youtube, some of his school friends found out about it. The news spread so much that even his teachers found out about his channel. Things were different this time it wasn’t much of a big deal as he thought. Even everyone encouraged him to go ahead.

Tommy started a second channel in September 2019 named ‘TommyVODS.’ This channel has some extra fun gameplay videos. It has 3 Million subscribers as of now. The channel is very much attractive. 

In December 2019, he started a third channel named TommyOutit. One of his first videos which gained a million views on his channel is the one which was a ‘Do Not Laugh Challenge.’ The video was uploaded in February 2020. Tommy was reacting to the funny videos.

One of the reasons for the video’s success was that it included his audience for the first time. Tommy definitely has a loyal subscriber base.

Tommy Clips, his fourth channel started in May 2020. This channel is basically for his story time videos where he talks with his audience about some incidents in his life. This channel has a few videos uploaded on it and is mostly inactive now.

In July 2020, Tommy uploaded a video about joining as the Minecraft player in ‘Dreams Private Server,’ that video got like 2 Million views. Tommy became a member of the private server of the dream team, ‘The Dream Team SMP.’ Thus Tommy started uploading videos from the server and he live-streamed in youtube and Twitch as well.

This was the turning point for his channel. These videos made his channel grow like a volcano. His videos got a hike in views suddenly.

He’s one of the fastest-growing Gamers and Youtubers. He has a clear strategy and goals for his career. One of the factors that helped him grow so fast is his healthy relationships with fellow gamers. He never misses any opportunity to showcase his talent.

Tommy has only one goal, To Grow and To Do Better and this attitude is going to take him to better places.

TommyInnit Career Growth

2018● Started his YouTube channel.
● Focused on Minecraft Gameplay videos.
● Began gaining attention from viewers.
2019● Continued to grow his YouTube channel.
● Expanded his content to include Minecraft role-playing and storytelling.
2020● Became involved in the “Dream SMP,” a Minecraft survival multiplayer server created by Dream.
● Twitch channel gained traction as he started live streaming gameplay and interacting with his audience in real time.
2021● YouTube channel continued to grow rapidly, reaching millions of subscribers.
● Participated in various collaborative projects, events, and Minecraft championships.

TommyInnit House

TommyInnit is the owner of luxurious properties. These properties are situated in prestigious neighborhoods with a wide range of high-end amenities to enhance residents’ lifestyles. 

TommyInnit Car Collection

TommyInnit has been spotted driving some of the most expensive and high-end cars in the market. The power supply of these cars feels endless. He has a Range Rover Sport that costs him around $130,000. Tommyinnit also owns a BMW X1 that is around $75,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tommyinnit Net Worth?

A. TommyInnit has an estimated Net Worth of $16 Million.

Q. How Old is Tommyinnit?

A. TommyInnit is 19 years old (as of 2023).

Q. How Tall is Tommyinnit?

A. TommyInnit’s height is 5’7” in feet and inches, 170 cm or 1.70 m. 

Q. When is Tommyinnit Birthday?

A. TommyInnit’s birthday falls on the 9th of April

Q. Where is Tommyinnit from?

A. TommyInnit is from Nottinghamshire, England.

Q. How much Money does Tommyinnit make?

A. TommyInnit’s monthly income is approx $650,000 and his yearly income is around $7 Million.


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