Julia Fox Net Worth 2023: Age, Kids, Movies, Career and More

Julia Fox Net Worth, Income, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Assets, House, Car Collection, and much more details, you get in this post. Julia Fox is an American Actress, Model, and Artist who has an estimated Net Worth of $95 Million. 

Julia was born to be a star, she is a passionate woman who loves taking up new challenges every day. Julia Fox has gained worldwide attention as Kanye West’s new Girlfriend. Julia began her career as a visual artist and fashion designer before transitioning into acting. 

She gained recognition for her role in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems”. She was nominated for several awards, including the Breakthrough Actor award at the 2020 Gotham Awards. Julia has also appeared in other films and television shows, including “PVT Chat” and “Oasis,” and has modeled for various fashion brands. She is known for her unique and eclectic personal style and has become a style icon in the fashion world.

Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox Net Worth$95 Million
Full NameJulia Rose Fox
Famous NameJulia Fox
ProfessionActress, Model, Artist
Birth Date February 2nd, 1990
Birth PlaceMilan, Italy
Birth SignAquarius
Age33 years old
FatherSamuel Fox
MotherAnn Darwin
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandPeter Artemy
ChildrenValentino (son)
Siblings2 Siblings
Height  In Feet and Inches – 5’ 5’’ 
In Centimetres – 165 cm
WeightIn Kilograms – 57 kg 
In Pounds – 125 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde 
Awards● Palm Springs International Film Festival Award (2020)
● San Diego Film Critics Society Award (2021)
● Women Film Critics Circle Awards (2021)

What is Julia Fox Net Worth and Income?

● Julia Fox is an American actress, model, and artist who has an estimated Net Worth of $95 Million.

● Julia Fox’s monthly income is approx $800,000 and his yearly income is around $10 Million. 

Key Sources Contributing to Julia Fox’s Net Worth

● Julia Fox’s income also comes from :

◆ Acting 

◆ Modeling

◆ Art Work

◆ Social Media 

◆ Directing

Julia Fox Net Worth Growth

Julia Fox Net Worth 2023$95 Million
Julia Fox Net Worth 2022$80 Million
Julia Fox Net Worth 2021$73 Million
Julia Fox Net Worth 2020$67 Million
Julia Fox Net Worth 2019$58 Million

Julia Fox Career

Like any other kid of her era, she worked small jobs in a shoe store, an ice cream parlor, and a pastry shop. But her most talked about after-school job before uncut gems were of a Dominatrix.

When Julia was 16, she started working at a Sex Dungeon in Alex Cooper’s Podcast called her daddy, she revealed that she was paid $250 an hour for role play and torturing her clients at request.

Although she never had sex with her clients, this was the first time she experienced her sexuality. This was her first experience in acting because she had to improvise at short notice.

It was sometime during these years that Julia met her first boyfriend whom she dated for 5 long years. He was older, and wealthier and showered her with gifts but Julia declined to marry him as she didn’t want to be someone she wasn’t.

She was a free-spirited person who sought the loaves of life as much as she sought the highs just like all teenagers of her era. In her early teen years, she had a strong affinity for drugs. She hung out at bars with graffiti artists and partied to drop dead.

She almost died of a drug overdose, when she was 17. But she survived owing to a fantastic idea she had. Julia and her best friend Brianna Andalore sneaked into several downtown parties during their teens, dressing up for these parties was all that was on their minds.

They had an extensive vintage collection of clothes from all over the world that they would reinvent for each party which started out as a fun activity converted into passion in no time. Julia and Brianna started their own women’s knitwear line Franziska Fox at the age of 23. They were very passionate about their company. 

Julia even revealed in an interview that the biggest highlight of her career was when she saw a woman wearing their brand to an event. Her brand was later worn by some of the biggest celebs in the industry including Iggy Azalea and Lindsay Lohan. It was a thrilling journey for Julia till she transitioned into her next career.

After being a successful businesswoman, Julia modeled and posed for Playboy’s Last Nude Edition released in 2015. She also appeared in campaigns for Diesel Coach New York, the last office Vogue, and interviews.

Some people pursue a single career all their lives, but Julia is not one of those. She is a Jane Of All Trades and she is an exhibiting painter, a photographer, and a self-published author. 

For her, all these art forms are ways of getting her traumatic experiences out of her system to remain sane. Julia’s first book deals with her uproarious romantic relationships. It is one of the best sellers in photography circles. Suffering from the syndrome herself, Julia wrote her second book on PTSD. She recollected her experiences when she took an unexpected month-long sabbatical in Louisiana. 

However, the one event that grabbed everyone’s attention was her painting exhibition R.I.P Julia Fox. It’s been by far her most sensational paparazzi stalked event where she displayed artwork painted in her own blood. Julia goes to unimaginable lengths in everything she does, to make the whole experience as authentic and personal as possible.

However, she never sticks with just one career like her stints at everything else. With a charismatic personality, initial sex dungeon acting experience, and the power to lure crowds, the movie world was not far from Julia’s reach. She appeared in her first movie ‘Uncut Gems’ alongside Adam Sandler in 2019. The film was shot by the safety brothers and was released on Netflix.

She met the filmmakers by chance, a decade ago in Soho but was cast by them only years later. Although Julia was confident that she was suitable for the role, she still had to undergo a screen test with Adam Sandler.

Unlike many other newcomers, Julia was unfazed and aced the test, the directors called her a natural fit for the role. Julia’s stunning performance as a saleswoman and Howard Ratner’s mistress fetched her a breakthrough actor award at Gotham Awards in 2019.

Getting the kickstart she needed, Julia next played the role of Cam Girl Scarlett appeared in PVT Chat in 2021, and never looked back after her first few films. While movies were coming her way, she believed in making them on her own and didn’t want to wait. She wrote and directed ‘Fantasy Girls’ themed on teenage girls forced into sex in Nevada. Most of the story was drawn from her own experience. 

When she visited Reno with her friend, she was told about the underground prostitution ring by some roadside children seeking help. She was deeply troubled by what she heard and saw. She recalled her days as a dominatrix and it suddenly struck her that what she did was out of her own will but the girls in Reno were being forced into it. 

She wanted the story to reach as many people as possible so she personally wrote and directed it, as an artistic short film instead of a documentary. Along with an awareness-creating venture, it was also a way for Julia to express her artistic talents and creative skills. She wanted to get past people’s first impression of her thinking, she was just a pretty face.

Julia Fox Career Growth

2009 Career started as a visual artist and fashion designer.
2013 Acting debut in the independent film “Polywood.”
2016 Appeared in the documentary film “Style-Off.”
● Gained recognition as a fashion icon.
2019 Her breakout role as Julia De Fiore in the film “Uncut Gems.”
● Nominated for several awards, including the Breakthrough Actor award at the 2020 Gotham Awards.
2020 Starred in the independent film “PVT Chat.” 
● Cast in the upcoming TV series “Nemesis.”
2021 Made her directorial debut with the short film “Fantasy Girls.”

Julia Fox Early Life

Julia Fox was born in Milan, Italy on February 2nd, 1990.

Julia Fox has an Italian Mother and an American Father. Her grandfather raised her for the first 6 years of her life. When she was 6, her father came and got her and he took her back to New York City where she grew up.

She has 2 younger brothers, one living in New York and the other living in Italy with her Mother.

Julia Fox Personal Life 

Julia had a very short first marriage. Julia married a private pilot Peter Artemy in November 2018 but rumors of their separation surfaced in 2020 itself.

She confirmed the rumors in an interview and said they separated on friendly terms and were no longer together. But even after the split, they shared the custody of their son Valentino born on January 17th, 2021.

While she is a one-of-a-kind ensemble of beauty sensitivity and artistic talent, she has been in the news to be highly outspoken about her relationship with rapper Kanye West. The news of Julia dating Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Kanye West surfaced in the media only a week after they started dating. 

Julia took up an unsaid vow to not stifle her feelings by keeping her relationships private. Just after a week of dating, Julia and Kanye held a photo shoot to announce to the world that they were together. She told the Interview Magazine that their relationship was truly organic, they were simply drawn to each other.

They met at a new year’s surprise concert and Julia found Kanye to be fun to be around, what started with just playful flirting turned into a second date of a Broadway show and candlelight dinner oozing with physical chemistry. Kanye later took Julia by surprise when he revealed that he had a suite full of clothes, worth close to $100,000 waiting for her.

But the relationship boat hit the rocky waters in just over a month, after which Julia deleted all their pictures from her Instagram account. The pain of her broken relationship made her say that dating Kanye was just a stunt to give people something to talk about during the pandemic. 

However later on when accused of fain fishing, she cleared the air that dating Kanye was like a reset button for that rekindled feelings that she had thought no longer existed in her.

But even so, they were not on the same page to take their relationship forward and would just stay friends. Her Instagram post told her fans that the only men who mattered in her life were her son and her dad.

Julia Fox House

Julia Fox owns a beautiful Mansion in London, U.K, where she has been known to spend time with her son. This mansion is worth around $10 Million.

She also owns a house in California which is worth around $7.5 Million.

Julia Fox Car Collection

Julia Fox’s cars include:

● Volvo S90 

● Tesla Model S

● Porsche 911

● BMW Series 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Julia Fox?

A. Julia Fox is an American Actress, Model, and Artist. Julia was born to be a star, she is a passionate woman who loves taking up new challenges every day.

Q. How Much is Julia Fox Worth?

A. Julia Fox has an estimated Net Worth of $95 Million.

Q. Where is Julia Fox from? 

A. Julia Fox is from Milan, Italy.

Q. Who is Julia Fox husband?

A. Julia married a private pilot Peter Artemy in November 2018 but rumors of their separation surfaced in 2020. They got divorced in 2020.

Q. How old is Julia fox? 

A. Julia Fox is 33 years old (as of 2023).

Q. How tall is Julia fox?

A. Julia Fox’s height is 5’5” in feet and inches, 165 cm or 1.65 m. 

Q. Who is Julia Fox baby daddy?

A. Julia Fox welcomed her son Valentino in 2021. Her son’s father is Peter Artemy, whom she married in 2018 but later separated in 2020.

Q. Who has Julia Fox dated?

A. Julia Fox has gained worldwide attention as being Kanye West’s new Girlfriend.


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